Traditional Banking works in stable economies and has built great economies and great nations. It is the mainstream offering tailored toward the employed and those who generally find themselves formally engaged – therein lies its inherent weakness as access to money is easiest for those who need it least.

Virginia Sibanda (Mrs.)

Mrs Virginia Sibanda is the CEO of VIRL Rural & Social Financial Services (Private) Limited trading as VIRL Financial Services a company that she co-founded in 2010. She holds a Master of Business Administration Degree obtained through the University of Wales Bangor in association with Manchester Business School. Mrs Sibanda is an alumni of the International Leadership Visitors Program sponsored by USAID.  She has twenty eight years of experience in banking and microfinance industry in Zimbabwe, with extensive experience in credit risk assessment and lending to micro, small, and medium enterprises.

She has attended the general Boulder Institute of Microfinance Program as well as the Rural and Agriculture program and has attended the Symposium for Financial Inclusion sponsored by Mastercard Foundation.Mrs Sibanda is passionate about development work.   She is also the former Board Chairperson of ZAMFI.

Farai Mpofu (Mrs.)

Farai has spent over a quarter of a century in the financial services sector, specialising in Corporate Communication, Marketing and Investor Relations. She is an alumnus of the British Council programme, “Tomorrow’s Leaders”.

Virl Financial Services



Registered Microfinancier